The True Cost of Hiring Your Nephew to Fix Computer Problems

Renesans on September 15, 2018

Your nephew is studying “computers” at school and knows this “free app that will scan and fix all your computer problems.” But as well-intentioned as your family hobbyists are, they often lack the holistic knowledge that is required to ensure the stability of your entire computing infrastructure.

We recently received a frantic call from an owner of a busy Toronto medical practice. She found us through an ad, and was in need of emergency service. The clinic’s entire computer computer network was down, it was impossible to access the patient schedule and all office files were gone.

The clinic’s owner admitted that a young man (you guessed it, her nephew) was earlier tasked to resolve an issue an inaccessible shared folder. We will never know how this resulted in all office workstations becoming infected with malware, along with the main data server not booting up.

Our team spent several hours bringing the system back online. It took this long because the client had no documentation on how the system was configured, none of the computers had standard configurations, and the free backup that was installed on the server – well, it wasn’t actually backing anything up for months!

What could have been resolved in less than 30 minutes in a remote support session, became a stressful and expensive ordeal.

But we can help! Our Managed IT service is an affordable option for clients across the Greater Toronto Area to ensure your business systems are stable, secure and cost effective.

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