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Expert guidance, tools and resources to help you make the best technology decisions for your small business

Your Technology Business Partner

With deep understanding of your industry, business and technology goals, Renesans is your technology business partner.

Working with Renesans means direct access to industry experts who care for virtually all of your IT support needs and will match the right technology solutions to your company’s businesses objectives, with great results for your bottom line.

  1. Infrastructure Design

    Carefully designed solutions, whether you are starting from scratch or reviewing options for existing but aging hardware and software.

  2. Data Security Assessments

    Small businesses are the prime targets for exploitive cybercrime. We will draft a plan of action to protect your business or recover from existing threats.

  3. Procurement

    Complete service to source and purchase workstations, servers, laptops, printers and other IT hardware along with full vendor assessment for reputation and quality.

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